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Youth Arts and Humanities

Our Studios

Each studio teaching artist tailors lessons and projects to student age and skill level. Returning students build on previous concepts and knowledge.  All classes teach and reinforce arts fundamentals while nurturing personal artistic growth through:

When a student enters CHAW for the after school arts program, he or she is welcomed into a community of artful thinking, creativity, and collaboration.   When not in class, students are invited to participate in village activities ranging from games to homework help to drop-in art projects.  Village time offers an opportunity for students to engage with peers who are not in their classes at school, allowing for new connections, friendships, and perspectives to be formed in a safe and nurturing environment where every voice matters and every child is celebrated for his or her unique creative contributions.


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Arts and Humanities classes focus on using stories to make art.  Students typically investigate storytelling through characters, scene and costume design, and creative writing.  Classes and projects may by focuses on a series of books or a general theme.

Tuition includes all materials, supplies and instruction.