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Photography - Adults

CHAW photography studio offers the study of digital and darkroom processes combined with exploration of extended and experimental photographic techniques provide a framework for building an expressive toolbox that invites students to develop a creative vision, spatial literacy, and a compelling narrative through photography.   Our darkroom is one of the few open darkrooms in the city where anyone, after completing an orientation, can drop in and use our facilities for their work.

Darkroom equipment

  • 6 - Besler enlargers (Universal Colorheads, 45MX and 23CIII)
  • All printing equipment (film holders, contrast filters, easels, ect.)
  • Film Chemistry - All provided (D-76 and Sprinter brands)
  • Paper Chemistry - Sprinter Stop Bath and Fix (Paper Developer not provided)
  • Two Double sinks with all processing supplies necessary (trays, tongs, measuring cups, etc.)
  • 11x14 paper washer
  • paper drying rack screens
  • film drying cabinet
  • film sleeves

Studio equipment

  • 2 computer workstations
  • Large scale printer
  • Light table for reviewing negatives
  • 8 large desks and chairs
  • Ample countertop workspace and storage

Students provide their own cameras for class unless otherwise noted

Cameras used for class: 9 Minolta, Pentax and Nikon film cameras / 9 Canon Power Shot digital cameras

Questions about Photography?  Email Olivia Weise, Photography Department Chair at