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Effective June 28, 2021.

Monday-Thursday:  5:30pm - 8:30pm

Friday - Sunday

*NOTE THAT due to covid we are limiting use of photo facilities to three people at a time. Masks must be worn at all times in the building and sign up is required beforehand. 

Orientation ($45) | Individual session ($20) | Current Photo Students (Free) | Darkroom Storage ($10/mo)

For more information or to schedule an orientation please contact

Olivia Weise at | 202-547-6839

CHAW Darkroom

CHAW's Photography Facilities require an initial orientation to cover general information and policies about space use and equipment. This is not an instructional orientation, users must be familiar with general darkroom workflow and digital processes. Each visit to the photography facilities is a flat fee of $20 (with additional costs for digital printing). 

Patrons must provide their own darkroom paper and paper developer for darkroom use. All other equipment and chemistry are available and the facilities support formats from 16mm up to 4x5.  The facilities do not support color printing or processing. 

Patrons may bring their own paper to use in the digital printers, or use paper provided. There is an additional per-square-inch fee for using the digital printers, starting at 3¢ per inch for the Canon and 8¢ per inch for the Epson.

If you have no prior knowledge, we regularly offer an introduction to the darkroom class. Check out the class listings here.

To schedule a photography facilities orientation please contact Olivia Weise. 


  • 6  Besler enlargers 

  • B&W Film Chemistry - All provided (D-76 1:1 for processing)

  • B&W Paper Chemistry - Stop Bath and Fix (Paper Dev and Permafix not provided)

  • UV exposure box, 20”x24” capacity

  • Two double sinks 

  • Trays, tongs, measuring cups, thermometers 

  • Negative carriers, contrast filters, easels, contact printers

  • Patterson and metal film canisters for processing film

  • Paper drying rack screens

  • Film drying cabinet

  • Heat press

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT (Temporarily Closed)

  • Epson Pro 7890 Large Format Printer

  • Canon Pixma Pro 100

  • Epson Perfection V550 Scanner