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Ceramics - Adults

CHAW’s ceramics studio is a place where students and artists of all levels can work together to create beautiful work out of clay. Adult classes range from beginning levels through advanced with two sections of open studio for current and previous students to work in the studio. This is a great chance to see what other classes are working on or get advice from a more advanced student. Each class is capped at 9 students, allowing our instructors to be flexible with class topics and projects. Each student will get ample one on one time with their instructor.

The studio is home to 10 electric wheels and a large variety of tools to work with both wheel thrown and hand built ceramic. Handbuilding equipment includes a large slab roller and a wall mounted extruder. All general tools are supplied, ie: sponges, aprons, carving tools, knives, texture tools, etc. Specialty tools like underglaze pencils and centering tools are not supplied. CHAW also provides colored slip, high fire glaze, underglaze, and various stains to decorate pieces. CHAW stocks 4 kinds of clay: Standard’s Sculpture, Buff, and Brown Stoneware clays and Highwater’s Little Loafers.

CHAW fires glaze to cone 6 and occasionally to cone 04. The firing schedule is roughly once a week for both bisque and glaze. All glazes are made in-house and we ask that students only use our glazes or glazes approved by the studio staff. All students pay a materials fee which covers clay, glaze, and firing fees as part of their registration. More clay and materials may be purchased any time through the front desk.


Open studio is open to currently enrolled CHAW ceramics students only. Generally, dates for open studio follow the class session schedule. Occasionally, it is cancelled for special events and cleaning. Please contact your instructor for more information. Saturday unsupervised open studio is from 10:00am-2:00pm. Students need to be cleaned up and upstairs at the 2:00pm end time on Saturday as CHAW closes at 2:00pm on Saturdays. Additional clay can be purchased at the front desk - pickup your clay by giving your instructor or a studio assistant a receipt from payment.


CHAW adult students can choose to participate in studio sales. CHAW ceramics are often on sale at performance festivals (December and June) and occasionally at an Eastern Market booth as well. Speak with your instructor for more details.

CHAW does not have space for production pottery but we do offer work-study and studio assistantships as space allows. Please contact the Department Chair if you have any questions.