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July 4, 2012

Monday night’s class.

Tuesday night’s class.

In week three we explored ways of putting paint onto paper. There were sticks and erasers, leaves and pieces of cardboard. And bubble wrap–I mustn’t forget the bubble wrap. To provide some coherence to the work, each person worked with a palette limited to three... more

June 27, 2012

This week was an exploration of color. We looked at color relationships and everyone followed a set of written instructions to create very different paintings. The purpose was to see what happens when complementary and analogous colors are juxtaposed, what happens when they are overpainted and how to use those properties to create some excitement and tension in a... more

June 19, 2012

Think of it as Summer Camp with Wine. For the past several years I have taught Introduction to Oil Painting on Monday evenings. I love it. It’s always so much fun to watch students noodle through drawing the still life and then painting it, solving all sorts of problems of composition, color, value and texture along the way. But this summer I am taking a break for six... more

June 17, 2012

Part two of a two-part series investigating the role, purpose and benefits of social media to artists and art appreciators.

Social media in itself can also be an art form and facilitate collaboration and create new methods and modes of art. It can also affect the amount of people or amount of time those people engage in an artistic endeavor. The National... more

June 17, 2012

This is a two part series about art and social media. This first part offers practical advice while the second part challenges the idea of art and the role social media plays in creating/affecting art itself.

The term ‘social media’ is a broad one and can generally apply to any web-based application or website where a community of people generate their own... more

May 31, 2012

As the school year is drawing to a close- our Mosaic project at Brent Elementary is entering its final stages.  We had a change of plans in our construction method and, at the suggestion of a parent, used tile glue instead of cement to attach the pieces to the cement board.  The mural is large – all together there are six panels of interesting shapes and bright colors... more

May 21, 2012

We just want to bang on the drum all day!

It’s May and I’m counting down to my favorite time of year. In just a few weeks Summer Adventure Camp begins! Camp starts June 18, but our game faces went on way back in November as we sculpted and composed a creatively ideal summer.

We will uncover the... more

March 29, 2012

Two months of brainstorming and planning are behind us and we’ve finally started working on our public art project: a found object mosaic mural in the Urban Canyon at Brent Elementary.  My team of 11 ambitious second and third graders has taken on the huge project of designing and constructing a 9×5 foot masterpiece that will celebrate the unique and diverse ecosystem... more

March 29, 2012

Last Fall kids in the CHAW after school Murals by Kids for Kids class painted a mural for the children in Nyumbani, an AIDS orpanage near Nairobi, Kenya.

The children from Nyumbani sent about 50 pictures they had made.

... more

February 29, 2012

CHAW’s private music program is growing with even more talented teaching artists, more available lessons, and more instruments! Instruction is currently available in piano, drums, voice, guitar, cello, violin, viola, and flute. Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in Repertoire Classes and Recitals each session.

CHAW welcomes the newest... more