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May 29, 2014

Last January, my SO surprised me with a gift and registered me in an oil painting class at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW). Around the same time, my cousin, an award-winning artist in the United States and Malaysia, asked us to return all of his beautiful drawings that we had been happily... more

May 12, 2014

This summer CHAW hosts a two-week Step Dance intensive class for students in 3rd through 8th grades. The class is led by teaching artist Briana Stuart, a full time company member of Step Afrika, the first and only professional stepping company in the world.

We asked Briana to share more about the class:

For two weeks students will engage in the... more

April 17, 2014

Starting next week, students in grades K through 8th can take their basic skills to the next level in a new class with teaching artist Carolina Mayorga. This unique open studio will guide students through the process of creating their own 2d or 3d projects.

“I want students to understand visual art techniques such as painting, drawing or sculpture as a... more

April 3, 2014

Sarah Hanks and a violin student during the Halloween music recital.


So I have this really sweet gig where I homeschool my three boys from morning until 3:45 pm when my husband and I make a quick kid pass off at our home near Lincoln Park. I hop on my bike and ride approximately six minutes to CHAW where I have an amazing Suzuki... more

March 20, 2014
The National Gallery of Art

How do you approach such a large museum as the National Gallery of Art when you know it will be a relatively short visit and it’s hard to decide where to start? You can get materials in the information room just off the rotunda. They have family guides (geared toward children ages 6 and up) on Dutch Art and American Art. They are great for... more

March 20, 2014

Juror Cate Fraser speaking about the show at the opening reception.

The Capitol Hill Art League held its annual Washington Metropolitan region-wide art competition show on Saturday, March 8th at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.

The competition awarded cash prizes to winning artists and drew a large participation from artists around... more

March 4, 2014

“Confections”Oil 1962Wayne Thiebaud

Lessons from My Own Experiences

Wouldn’t it be fun to take your toddler to an art museum today?  What?  That doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time?

Art museums really can be lots of fun with your children–even very young children.  Perhaps you’re an art lover who could spend hours looking at paintings, reading... more

February 6, 2014

Artist Heidi Hess has been part of the CHAW family since 2006 teaching dance and jewelry making classes in Early Childhood, Youth and Adult programs. In addition, she chairs CHAW’s Dance Department and also serves as the faculty representative on the CHAW Board of Directors. Through these varied roles she has gained unique insights in arts education and... more

February 4, 2014

When my youngest child was two, she received for her birthday an art book that organized masterpieces into kid-friendly categories such as animals, families, weather and so on. She gravitated toward specific pictures like the early 17th c. painting depicting two peasants making a big deal over a baby with a smelly diaper.   Frances thought that was hilarious as... more

January 14, 2014

“Urban Eyes” with Camille Clifton, aka The Girl From Nowhere

The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop is excited to host “Urban Eyes, A Photography Exhibition with Camille Clifton, aka The Girl From Nowhere (TGFN)” running until February 25, 2014 in CHAW’s gallery.

“Urban Eyes is an homage to the marks and signs of life that define or destroy us, between... more