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A Young Artist’s Perspective: Dagny Fisher on Blonde Women and Making Art

August 14, 2015

We are thrilled to feature Dagny Fisher on the blog this month, an inspiring young artist from DC. At age 13, Dagny has demonstrated a deep love of art and a perspective on women’s issues through the lens of her creative work. This summer, she worked with teaching artist Carolina Mayorga in a 3D-mixed media camp to develop major installation pieces and share her story. We were so inspired by Dagny’s genuine, insightful, and honest artist statement that we wanted to share it here on our blog–along with some great photos of her artwork from this summer.

Dagny Fisher’s Artist Statement:

I was born in Washington, DC on December 3rd, 2001. I have lived in DC my whole life and am 13 years old at the moment. Art is something that I enjoyed in my childhood, coloring in color books, finger painting, etc. I never took it seriously, but as I got older, I began to realize that art has meaning and depth. It’s not just something that you use to waste time. It is an expression.

I like art because it’s fun! I can make whatever I want and call it a masterpiece. My interest in art is more in painting and sculpture, not so much drawing. Drawing is not one of my strengths.

The project I am doing right now is called Blonde and Dumb. It is based off of dumb blonde jokes hurting me and other blondes. It shows that not all blondes are ditsy and dumb. Many of them are extremely smart and talented! I feel very strongly about this because it is a stereotype that is wrong and hurtful towards many people.

So far in my project, I have made four different pieces of art: a self-portrait; a 3D cardboard self-portrait; a collage; and an installation. The self-portrait is made with pencil and only the hair is colored. The 3D self-portrait is made out of cardboard and only the hair is colored. The collage is pictures, famous women from magazines, and quotes from blonde women that all have a blue line coming from them to the word “Blonde” on the corner of the page. The installation is yellow string wrapped around the railing of the staircase at CHAW.

In the future, I hope to be doing more artwork and more projects for everyone to see. I am a young artist ready for my artwork to be seen!!

Dagny’s Reflections on Summer Camp:
In the art class I took at CHAW, I made a lot of different pieces of art. I made a self-portrait, a cardboard self-portrait, a collage, cardboard animals, a house, a painting, and installation art. I took the art class because I thought it looked like something fun to fill up my summer! What I’ll take away from the class are all of the great tips and tricks I learned from my instructor Carolina.
In Carolina’s words: 
I had the pleasure of working with Dagny Fisher for the multimedia camp designed for middle-schoolers. During the 2 week camp we worked on building a conceptual basis that would connect with the different art forms explored. We studied artists and visited exhibitions than inspired students to understand art as a way to communicate thoughts and ideas. Working with middle-schoolers and specially with Dagny was an opportunity to go beyond my usual teaching practice as sharing my own experience as an artist encouraged students to find their own voice through their work. Dagny‘s clever investigations resulted in a group of visually engaging 2d and 3d artworks about stereotypes associated to blonde women. 
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