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Why I support CHAW through the CFC

November 26, 2013

After my first three painting classes at CHAW, I was hooked. I wished I could go to class more than once a week; I left feeling exhilarated, exhausted, and relaxed.  Few things can capture my attention for two full cell-phone free hours – focusing on the shadows and shapes of an apple did the trick, leaving me with a clearer mind and more balanced outlook on life.

The rewards I received from my class at CHAW far exceeded what I paid for it – though classes aren’t cheap.

I wanted to give more to CHAW to return the favor. I wanted to do more than toss a few bucks in the proverbial paint bucket.

So, last December, I signed up to contribute a portion of my paycheck each week to CHAW through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the workplace giving program for federal employees. Last year, federal employees contributed almost $62 million to causes and nonprofit organizations through the CFC, according the program’s website.

It’s an easy and painless way to donate – but it makes me feel invested in CHAW’s important work.  The CFC structures giving the same way I pay my student loans and other bills – deducted automatically, with no extra buttons to push or checks to send on my part.

It’s the least I can do – really – to support a community institution that gives us so much in the way of art, civic spirit, and peace of mind.

– Sarah Schaefer, CHAW student and volunteer