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What’s the Buzz on the Bloom?

May 24, 2013
by Binahkaye Joy

In a few days I’ll be sharing a new dance workshop, The Body in Bloom: a dance class for expectant mothers, at CHAW. Whenever I have the opportunity to dance with people and create movement programs for communities, I am buzzing with excitement. This is because I’m going to learn something new in the process, and everyone who participates will discover something essential and powerful about their bodies. The In Bloom dance workshop series is also extra special to me because it’s a reflection of my evolution as a movement facilitator, doula, and most recently, a mother-to-be!

One thing I’ve heard from a few pregnant women interested in the class is, “I’m not a dancer. Why should I start dancing now that I’m pregnant?” Well for starters, movement is good for you, whenever you do it! Stretching our muscles, strengthening our pelvic floor for labor, oxygenating our blood, relieving stress, reducing stiffness in joints and muscles, encouraging blood circulation, and acclimating to the extra weight we are carrying are just a few of the benefits that movement can bring to you and your baby. Pregnancy is inherently a dynamic time to develop a deeper connection to your body. Not only is your body changing everyday to support your growing baby, but your baby’s first communication mode is also through movement. Your baby can’t yet talk to you or see you, but they can move within you. Embracing dance during your pregnancy is a beautiful, natural, and fun way to enhance your relationship with your body and your baby!

The Body in Bloom is a gentle dance class, appropriate for pregnant women in any trimester. I’ll be facilitating dance activities that encourage participants to identify movements that feel good to them and support the growing bond between mother and baby. We’ll also do some simple breathing and relaxtation techniques that can provide comfort during pregnancy. I look forward to dancing with all the beautiful mamas very soon! Please contact me at if you would like to discuss the workshop in more detail.

The Body in Bloom: a dance class for expectant mothers
Friday, May 3rd, 7:00-8:30pm
For More Info:
Register at: 202-547-6839

About the Facilitator

Binahkaye Joy is a member of the CHAW teaching artists faculty and facilitates innovative movement workshops for individuals, youth, communities, and organizations locally and internationally. She is developing the In Bloom dance workshop series in tandem with her own journey through motherhood. Binahkaye has created movement programs for pregnant clients, assisted mothers as a birth coach, and is currently completing certification as a birth and postpartum doula. Learn more at