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We are lucky. We are grateful.

November 26, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s not possible to look back on the dramatic turns of the past year and for all the obvious reasons not feel changed. The impact of strained relationships, thwarted plans, and  overwhelming loss plays out on all our lives in ways big and small every day, often making the path forward elusive. That said, knowing what we know now, going back to the way things were is not really a viable option.

At CHAW our mission of building community through the arts has never felt quite as powerful as it does in this time. Artists show how to make and embrace change, teach and model clever adaptation, build innovative capacity, and amplify the value of humanity in all of us. This truth not only fortifies us during uncertainty but inspires us to do more, strive harder, think bigger. Places like CHAW develop, support, and promote the artists who lead this critical charge. Communities like ours make it possible. 

The past seven months have given us not just the time but the impetus to look at our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with fresh eyes and open hearts, as individuals and as an organization that is dedicated to building an anti-racist community. This time has gifted us with friends, artists, students, and neighbors who support our mission by taking classes, making financial contributions, sharing their creative triumphs and sharing their resources with others. This time has elicited in us an optimism for a future firmly rooted in the belief that the elevation of arts and humanities is enduring and unshakable in its resolve to make us care more about each other.  

We are lucky. We are grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.