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Shuffle in the Fall at CHAW

September 7, 2012

Photo by Leslie Mansour

Heather Whyte loves children but has found her niche teaching dance to adult students.  “I love teaching adults because they have a great appreciation for music, a reference in their mind about styles of dance and the mood certain songs or dances evoke,” says Whyte.

For the past ten years, Heather has been teaching tap, ballet, and jazz dance classes at CHAW.  Her classes consistently fill and her students come back session after session to flap, ball change, plie and practice those jazz hands. “Most adults who enjoy my class let their hair down a bit and experiment with their personalities and laugh a lot – sometimes at themselves and sometimes at me,” says Heather.

Paris Singer, one of CHAW’s founding board members, keeps on taking Heather’s tap class. “Heather is remarkable not only as an instructor who can bring on board newbies while challenging the “Tappers 4 Ever” but also as a lady who keeps everyone smiling, laughing and dancing for joy,” says Paris.  “I love her classes!!”

For folks new to her class, Heather welcomes all experience levels and says students can expect to have fun, enjoy dancing, not take themselves too seriously and move around a lot.  “They will learn a lot quickly – I keep the pace fast in all classes including ballet,” she says. “I do drills and want safe body mechanics but truly I like the students to get to expressing themselves after learning a combination.”

Heather’s classes are held on Monday nights with a new six-week session beginning Monday, September 10, 2012.  Classes are $108 for the session and take place at the following times:

Jazz 6:00-6:55 pm
Tap 7:00-7:55 pm
Ballet 8:00-8:55 pm