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Playing with Paint and Creating Art

July 25, 2012

The last three weeks of class have been devoted to experimenting with collage and transfer techniques. We played with layering papers of all sorts with paint and transferring images from newspapers, photocopies and magazines using liquid and gel mediums as well as contact paper and tape. I confess I was challenged to be patient enough to let the medium dry before rubbing the paper off the back of transfers, I was so excited to see the results!

The last project was the most challenging–to create a piece of art. Everyone came supplied with an image or concept that they would work out on paper using the techniques we have developed during class. These are very personal and expressive–everything from abstracted portraits of a beloved to work inspired by an architect grandfather, a trip to Patagonia and the paintings of Richard Diebenkorn. Some of the paintings are unfinished and I will post final photos as they are completed.

I had the best time with these classes. Such wonderful people, such great energy. It was so much fun to see, week after week, how people respond with their own vision and aesthetic to an exercise. I hope we’ll do this again sometime soon. I miss everyone already!

Ellen Cornett
Teaching artist