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Paint Bucket is Here!!

May 13, 2013

Like most non-profit organizations, CHAW spends a good amount of time raising money so that we can have classes and programs that fulfill our mission:  building community through the arts. While many of our classes and programs require a fee, we make it a priority to keep our prices as low as possible (while offering quality programs) and to provide tuition assistance to those who need it.  Because our mission is not “Building community (only for those who can afford it) through the arts,” we focus on financial accessibility for all who want to join us.  While creativity and arts experiences are vital to our time here on earth, we realize that they sometimes fall to the bottom of the list of financial priorities.  After all, it’s hard to explore your creativity without proper food and clothing, for instance.

Paint Bucket is our annual fundraising campaign.  While we welcome donations whenever anyone’s generosity moves them to give, during Paint Bucket’s 40 days in May and June our staff, faculty, and board of directors make a big push to encourage our wonderful community to give as much as they can to keep CHAW strong and vital, and to build on 40 years of art by and for the community.

This year, our Board of Directors has set an ambitious goal of raising $60,000 by June 8.  You may notice even more activity than usual around CHAW for the next month as we focus on asking for YOUR help to meet our financial goals.  We plan to offer plenty of activities for you to enjoy, ranging from a yard sale on June 1st to an Art and Performance Day on June 8th. Click here for a schedule of events!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Paint Bucket already this year, and if you haven’t donated yet, come to one of our events, or donate now online! ( Better yet, donate online and come to ALL of our events!