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October's Mind of the Artist: Gregg Adams

October 7, 2018

We are excited to feature the words and works of Gregg Adams this month. Gregg's childhood habit has helped to shape his art and his love for photography. Thanks Gregg for sharing your fabulousness with us this month!

I have a somewhat peculiar habit. For years now, since I was a kid, I would find and bring random objects from places such as the corner curbside, the woods and even a trashcan home with me. Sometimes shiny however most times beaten and broken. Items included rocks, aluminum cans, dandelions, strewn magnetic tape ribbons, broken brake pads and probably my favorite a cattail plant. Without consciously knowing or even understanding – they were things that I was compelled to look at, feel and touch. Which in turn prompted questions. What is this? What is the function? How did it get here? Personal investigations led to frequent use of the family encyclopedia set and even more trips to the local library to research the mysterious objects. In that time in my mind, I was a geologist, a biologist and an engineer who solved THAT mystery of the moment. Growing into adulthood, my dreams of becoming that super adventure scientist never quite materialized however it primed me for the embrace of the photographic arts


I love photography. It is that holistic nexus that makes the world relevant and real to me. Inspires me to appreciate the relationship between science, art, history, design and people that is inherent to everything. Through a long and sometimes meandering career - I held many positions such as lab technician, studio manager, assistant photographer, freelance photographer, instructor and exhibiting artist. My photographic subjects range from important news events to wonderful people however it is working in a studio environment, discovering new ways to interpret many of the strange things that I continue to bring home with me that brings enjoyment and satisfaction similar to my childhood.


In closing, I would invite you to view some of the results of past findings at my current solo show “Autumn Readings – 2018 fall digest” at the Sitar Arts Center in the Adams Morgan neighborhood till Friday October 19th.