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October Mind of the Artist: Nico Gozal

October 1, 2019

My formal cross-cultural art training began with the Susan Budihardjo School of Fashion in Jakarta, Indonesia and eventually led to the International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Tampa, Florida. Toward the end of my undergraduate studies, I had an amazing opportunity to work for and be mentored by a successful silk artist in Tampa, FL, Jane Murray Lewis. She introduced me to the world of Gutta/ Serti Silk painting. For eight years Jane coached me to become a well rounded artist. I learned many facets of art production from the initial inspiration and creation of a piece of art to matting, framing, packing and shipping; from art exhibition applications to the demands of being a traveling art festival artist. 

Rangda Empty Beach

I use lush China Silk and the application of vibrant Fabric Dyes, combined with a French Bas Relief technique to create unique three dimensional art. Colors have been the main source of inspiration for me. I have been fascinated with the endless hues and shades of colors since my youth. I find colors exhilarating. They inspire me and bring great joy to my life. Also, I have been fascinated by ancient Indonesian traditional arts and crafts especially as it relates to Batik from Java and Bali as expressed in mythology and traditional wood carvings. 

Srikandi American Skin

After taking a break from the art world for a few years to pursue a more traditional career path, I relocated to Augusta, GA in 2012. Shortly thereafter, I began to pursue my art once again with the plan of introducing the art of silk painting to the region. Over the course of a few years in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) I gained acceptance in various juried and solo art shows. In late October 2018, our family moved to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Once again I am looking forward to becoming an active contributor to the art community in my new home region. 

Nico Gozal