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Mosaic Mural: Part II

May 31, 2012

As the school year is drawing to a close- our Mosaic project at Brent Elementary is entering its final stages.  We had a change of plans in our construction method and, at the suggestion of a parent, used tile glue instead of cement to attach the pieces to the cement board.  The mural is large – all together there are six panels of interesting shapes and bright colors that at first glance looks pretty abstract – but with a closer look you will find fish, crabs, and underwater vegetation.

The next step is to grout each panel, seal the mural, and then install it in the Urban Canyon outside the school!  Hopefully this can all happen in the next two weeks – but that might be wishful thinking…

The students have been troopers working with sharp tiles, messy glues, and a makeshift studio space.  Congratulations to my Mosaic students on completing such a big and complex project.  My hope is that, when grouted and sealed and hung, this legacy project will still be brightening up the urban canyon by the time the students graduate from high school!

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product.

Alayna Rasile
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Teaching Artist