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Mind of the Artist, Part XXVIII: Meera Rao

June 1, 2018

Introducing the Capitol Hill Art League, June Mind of the Artist: Meera Rao! Meera's story is told through her etheral and colorful paintings, sketches, and photographs. Her journey to becoming an artist is a delight to read about and sparks within a moment of our own inner artist- remembering "the vital expression of self!" We hope you enjoy the work of Meera as much as we have, and thank you, Meera, for your joy of life and the beauty within it!

I paint and sketch in watercolors, color pencils or mixed media, whatever captures my imagination. I am also passionate about photography, which started out as a way to build my own references for paintings, but has since become an expression of my art as well.  I try to bring to my art the philosophy, heritage, and tropical colors of India where I was born and lived until I was 18, and in turn, incorporate the spirit of adventure and experimentation I find in my now home here in USA. I take to heart Alfred Stieglitz’s quote "The goal of art is the vital expression of self."

 Dreamer -mixed media

Sunrise in the city -watercolor

I have a B.Sc in Botany and Zoology and an M.Ed in Educational Media. I always doodled and drew when I was a kid, but my undergrad days are when my drawing skills developed as I had to constantly sketch specimens and keep a record of my dissections in the labs. I also gained a deep love of nature and the world around which has become the core of my creativity and work. My time as an Elementary School Librarian introduced me to the wealth of art in children’s books and sparked my desire to pursue drawing and painting. I took up watercolors in my forties and launched my own artistic adventures! I am constantly learning and experimenting, trying out different materials and media thanks to my artist friends, art books, the internet, and of course visiting museums and galleries. Over the years I have been fortunate to explore my love of color and texture by attending classes and workshops by wonderful and talented artists: Betty Anglin, Joan Folsom, Jan Ledbetter, Myrna Wacknov and Doug Walton.  

Nandi - watercolor and inksketch from India sketchbook

I started keeping a sketchbook when I spent 3-4 months a year in India taking care of my Mother-in-law between 2012 and 2016.  Doing a small sketch a day during those hectic days was a way of keeping my creative juices flowing, capturing the beauty of everyday life in India and doing something for myself. I have tried to continue that habit and I share my sketches, paintings and photographs on my blog:  and on Instagram @artbymeera.  

I am excited and grateful for the opportunities Capitol Hill Art League has given me to display my art on various walls around the city through juried exhibitions, shows and now on this blog!

Haiku In Red

 Adjust the Tension: photograph