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Mind of the Artist, Part XXVI: Karin Edgett

April 3, 2018

Capitol Hill Arts League Presents: April Mind of the Artist, Karin Edgett

Exploring the organic circular form is infinite in its expression. One could paint cycles of life, drops of water in a pond, fish eyes, recycled thoughts, halos, planets, moons and stars, or paint the feeling of wandering in circles while lost in the woods. The circle contains the story of us, ever revolving while evolving.  

 Sunset in upset starting to see the green flash spots dancing in eyes

I had been working on the circular form and color studies for about ten years when I evolved my technique into a mono printing process which revealed something much more ethereal and dynamic. New patterns, shapes and spatial experiences began to appear. These new images felt liberalizing and uplifting, reshaping my own creative experience. I can’t stop creating them. I call the overall process Allowing, since working this way with acrylics and paper have tricked me to allowing new patterns to appear. Allowing is the opposite of resistance.

 Do color holes invite you to create without a big bang theory?

I have created hundreds works of varying sizes since I began this process. Once complete, they evoke a 17 syllable title to tweak the viewer experience.

 Looking around the universe I stumbled on a new planet clan.

Metaphysically, I see transformation taking place everywhere. It shows up drastically in politics, with innovations like bitcoin and self driving cars, in the way-to-late-in-coming “me too” movements and marches, in global warming and the humanization of all beings. This is forcing us to evolve rather suddenly. This transformation manifests quantum physics and its interconnectivity premise—that all is energy and light, that we are all collaborative whether we like it or not. The shapes I create represent new energetic patterns from my personal experience, they are part of my transformation.

 An examination between the lines reveals our planet in love.

My artist statement for my newest works called ‘truth’ is as follows:

We question truths of our parents teach, we question truths that our institutions preach. We question truth when we are young, and we question truth when we are ready to evolve.

truth is a particularly potent subject right now. As we become more familiar with the world and us as interconnected energy, we learn that we have even more control over how what we would like ourselves, our communities, our planet to evolve.

This series of paintings are truth seekers for me. At first they challenged what is truth in a painting as they appeared, but they soon became an obsession to see what is not yet known as truth.