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Mind of the Artist, Part XXV: Jonathan Weiner

March 7, 2018

Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL) Artist of the Month, Jonathan Weiner, transports us just outside the city- revealing the beauty of a place not so far away yet easliy overlooked...

Washington is a transient city and, although it seems rare, I was raised in Washington and later lived in one of the surrounding counties.

I studied photography and art at Montgomery College, the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a little bit at the Corcoran College of Art. I travelled to the UK to complete my undergraduate studies and remained in England for a few years before returning to Washington.

Growing up in Washington D.C. I spent many days exploring and fishing the banks of the Potomac River with friends.  I can remember wondering where this river would lead to and having Twainian day dreams about floating by raft on a voyage of discovery. As I got older I began exploring the river by canoe, fishing and shooting rapids. I remember I was always surprised by how quickly the sense of being in or near a city faded.  The Potomac felt like a natural refuge, its beauty and tranquility drowning out the urban surroundings.


And it was this river that would become the inspiration for a study in landscape photography.  This project morphed into a photographic exploration of our local river that took years to complete and continues today.

I am always interested in revealing what other people overlook.  The art that we drive over or walk past without seeing. The great and small alike.  And to show things from a unexpected or new perspective.

As an art teacher, I continue to enroll in workshops and classes across all mediums to improve my professional and personal practice.