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Mind of the Artist, Part XXII: Marie-B

December 2, 2017
Capitol Hill Art League's December Artist of the Month, Marie-B Cilia De Amicis aims to take your senses on a tantalizing journey through her photographs. She relies in capturing a moment that enlivens her creativity, bringing to us colorful renditions of the world she expertly choose to sieze. Marie, thank you for your photographs and we are delighted to showcase your work this month on the CHAW blog! 

I whistled before I talked: I was very lucky to be born in a country where there is no winter, where colors are magnificent under the sun, where the spices tickle the nostrils, where birds always sing, and where sugar has a predominant role in one’s life. I remember riding the train and admiring the sun caressing the sea and spreading its rays like a glittering gold cape over the waves. The constant stimulation enhanced my love of color and light.

When my parents and I moved from Tunisia to France, this new experience opened my mind to other cultures and developed my passion for traveling.

 I arrived in the United States in 1999, and have been living in Washington, DC for the past 15 years.

I decided to start showing my photographs in 2015.

When I was twelve, I was so happy to receive a camera for Christmas. It looked like a black soap box. It had no flash, no lenses. That was the beginning of a long process of trying to capture the light and the bliss of the moment.

 I take my photographs with my soul, not with my brain. I push the button when my heart starts to pound. At a scene that ravishes my mind.

Want more of Marie B. Photographs? Check out her webiste!