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Mind of the Artist, Part XX: Michael Green

October 4, 2017
And, we’re back! We may have taken a month’s hiatus from the blog, but we are returning to the CHAW Blog with an artist whose will and love of painting reminds us of the power of the healing arts! This artist is a great example of why it counts to continue on, through trials and tribulations, in personal creativity and encouragement. CHAW and CHAL want to continue to keep alive the truth of what creation and artistic process can hold for the human being, and so, without further ado, The Capitol Hill Art League's Honorary Member and October’s Artist of the Month, Michael Green.  


Michael is a Disabled US Army Veteran who has been living at the DC VA Medical Center's Community Living Center since 2008 following the death of his Mother. Michael was discharged in 1976 after serving in NATO and SHAPE. Even though Michael has been disabled for many years with cervical spondylosis, he has never given up painting. He has lost strength in his power grip, sometimes making it seem like a miracle that he can maneuver a brush or balance a painting on his lap. At times he has not felt well enough to attend art therapy sessions, but will paint from his bed. Overcoming his weakening hands and paralyzed legs, Michael is pursuing his own art style.


His style includes volumes of paintings and drawings of imaginary people.  Michael is currently using new painting surfaces and working with clay and ceramic tiles in his Art Therapy sessions at the VA. Thanks to a grant from the Community Forklift for the VA Art Therapy patients, Michael is more prolific than ever!

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