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May Mind of the Artist: Fatuma Mohamed

May 1, 2020

I am a self-taught artist from Kenya currently living In Maryland. My work explores my experiences and fond memories from Africa and places I have encountered in my travels such as  Europe and now America. My insight is a combination of both traditional and modern art.

Since my adolescent years, I was drawn by the traditional art around me such as the African masks. I loved how a painting and its use of different colors would exert different emotions and reactions from different minds. What started as a fascination later turned into a vision and a yearning to pick up my first painting brush. When I am painting, I am in my natural state. I feel free as I let my imagination run wild.

Years later through diligence and practice, I developed a unique painting style and created works that I and the people around me love. I believe everything around me is a form of art. I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques and combining various mediums in my work. I use acrylic paint in my artwork and I enjoy the flexibility it provides. I also occasionally use materials influenced by African culture such as African beads, sand, Ankara fabric just to name a few. I paint wishing to inspire my audience and expose them to new ideas and a different outlook of art.

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