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Life Drawing Virtual Style

June 3, 2020

Ellen Cornett's Life Drawing class has been working hard this session even if it has been virtually! Says Ellen "Things all around us closed, but the life drawing community wanted to stay together so we organized a Zoom class. Students showed up on Thursday nights, and we did an eight week intensive focus on hands, feet, and heads. Everyone worked very hard. These drawings reflect that, and I am happy that CHAW can showcase the work. On to bigger and better things, we begin an eight week portrait intensive!"

Ellen's Life Drawing: Portrait Intensive summer session runs Thursday, June 4th - July 23rd from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Click here for more information.

Julia Bouchelle, pastel on toned paper Mark Fahey, pencil
Maura Nippert, Pencil Megan McGregor, Gazelle, pencil
Jenna Jablonski, pencil Jody Pratt, pastel
Michael Simpson, pencil Martin Rundle, Yorick, charcoal and white chalk
Meredith Decker, pencil Abby Krolik, pencil
Ari Davis, pencil Caroline Walker, pencil
Colin Finan, pencil Ann Billingsley, pencil