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Khailynn's Lense: A View of CHAW Through an Intern's Eye

February 21, 2018

Khailynn's Lens: Youth Arts Program February highlights!

From the few weeks I've been working at CHAW, I've noticed that there is an incredible abundance of energy and enthusiasm for multiple art forms. Exploring new ways to express an idea and recreating something from your imagination or real life takes a lot of skill, but the children and adults at CHAW make sure to give their best no matter the medium. Similarly, this is my first experience with an internship where I am learning to do new tasks with social media, which relies on skills I wish to develop more. 

Looking Deeper into Ceramics

In the ceramics classes for children and adults, I got a chance to briefly sit in and take photos during the class. At first I was excited, but as soon as I entered the room, introduced myself, and took out my camera, I felt anxious and confused. But I believe this feeling is exactly what every person experimenting with an art form feels like.

The fear of not doing well at something always gets to me, but I remember that building skills in something new requires the freedom to accept that you may fail. This is what I see students at CHAW doing, and this is what allows them to succeed because without the fear of failure, they have created amazing art in just a few weeks! This self discovery is precisely what I see in others in the CHAW community and I admire everyone's ability to adapt, embrace, and experiment with new artistic skills.