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Intern Review by Amanda Luthy

May 20, 2017

CHAW Intern, Amanda Luthy, recounts her experienece interning with the Marketing and Development team. We were delighted to host Amanda, and we are so proud of the work she produced during her time at CHAW. So thank you, Amanda! You are truly CHAWsome!

This past month, I interned with CHAW’s Marketing and Development department, helping to promote CHAW’s numerous summer camp programs. Utilizing the software Canva, I constructed images that promoted CHAW’s specialty camps, such as String Fling! Viola, Violin, and Cello Camp, that required more publicity than their overarching and all-encompassing Arts Exploration Camp! After producing these images, I created a timeline and scheduled the posting of the images onto CHAW’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts through Hootsuite, a social media managing program. Moreover, I interviewed camp staffers Brain Washington, Education Coordinator, and Stephanie Morse, Program Coordinator, and used their transcriptions to formulate a guide to CHAW Summer Camp, which is soon to be featured on CHAW’s blog CHAW Beyond the Walls. Lastly, after recording a visual interview with three young girls—Charlotte, Sasha and Ava—I composed a minute-long video that can be issued on any social media platform: getting campers, parents, and community members alike excited for CHAW’s Summer Camp program.

”Summer Camp Social Media by Amanda Luthy  
Only Make Believe Summer Camp Social Media by Amanda Luthy


While I’m sad that my time with CHAW is over, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work here. As a photographer and videographer, I cannot express how influential and special art oriented summer camps have been for me growing up. Since elementary school, I have partaken in numerous programs including a Valentine’s Day Card making class, children’s book writing and illustrating course, a basic sketch class, a summer program including theater, ceramics, and digital imaging, and a digital filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy. I am fortunate to have had access to these camps which ultimately have furthered my passion for art and inspired me to become a filmmaker. I see myself in many of these kids, watching the wheels turn in their heads as their creative visions come to life on the pages of their sketches books. I see a room full of Picassos, Steven Spielberg’s, Van Gogh’s, and Ansel Adam’s whenever I walk into CHAW.  I see passion and creativity behind every child’s eyes. But moreover, every week I come in, I see a dramatic shift from tired children hopping off a school bus into Salvador Dali's, buzzing around the room and utilizing all that they have access to, to bring their artistic visions to life. This speaks to the vision of CHAW: A place where the Arts connect and transform people.

Although I am heartbroken that my internship is at its close, I plan to continue my relationship with CHAW beyond my internship. While I am still solidifying my summer plans, if I remain in Washington, D.C. this summer, I plan to reconnect with CHAW and help in any way I can. CHAW has been an incredible organization filled with the absolute kindest and warmest people who dedicate themselves fully to building a community through the Arts. I am so happy to have been able to be a part of this community. 

CHECK out the Summer Camp Page Here to get more information, and to see the Summer Camp Interview video and more promotional images by Amanda!