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Fashion Design Workshop for Imaginative People!

June 19, 2013

This summer CHAW is giving me that chance to lead a summer workshop in fashion design.  I am very excited about this because fashion is so interesting to me. Clearly it’s nice to look at pretty things but it goes deeper than that. Fashion touches every part of our lives because we all must wear clothes. Our sartorial decisions play a large part in how we are seen and how we will interact with the world. It is also the most accessible form of art. When one thinks about fashion as art it is much easier to understand the ostentatious haute couture designs of Alexander McQueen or Dolce and Gabbana. In this summer workshop we will approach the designer as an artist. Just like any other art form, a piece of clothing is the result of a process. During the week the students will learn how to spot trends and do trend surveys, we will discuss different designers and how they arrive at the concept for a collection using mood boards. Once we know where we’re going we will start designing our own collections. Students will learn the basics of sketching and the tricks to sketch amazing pieces. During the workshop students will create a portfolio of sketches composing a coherent spring/summer or autumn/winter collection.  By the end of the workshop I hope students will have a greater understanding of the world of fashion and how to develop their own style.

Clay Hollenkamp