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CHAW Family Art Night – Paper Doll Workshop

March 11, 2013

“I am inspired by making art. It gives my soul a lift.”

I created Sybil with watercolor paper, acrylics, tulle, and some shiny brads! It’s amazing what you can do with itsy bits of paper and other materials. Try it and amaze yourself!!! You will have paper dolls all over the place . . . 

Meet Ms. Karen “Kiki” Holliday and her paper dolls Sybil, Angela, and Dawn.  Join her for a special one-night family art night “Paper Doll Making” workshop at CHAW on Friday, March 15, 2013 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. This workshop consists of creating art dolls from different shapes, textures, and types of paper. The dolls are simple to make, but they incorporate various elements of design and allow students to be “extravagant” in their creations. Surprise yourself and be ready to let your creative fingers loose! Paper doll patterns, instructions and materials will be provided.

This is Angela – I think she is marvelous!!! When you are creating your paper doll you can shade her face if you want to . . . but there are no rules.  The only rule is to have fun and watch the results!!!!  

The workshop is designed for students ages 7-12 with an adult.  Cost is $10 per person.  Please call (202) 547-6839 for more information and to register.

This is Dawn – she is a queen!  I must create a crown for her . . . will you help me?