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Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Project: Process Shot

February 6, 2020

The Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project is underway! CHAW, in partnership with Eastern Market Main Street, is excited to announce the next phase of the Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project, a community-based public art project featuring installed sculptures on selected street signs in the Southeast quadrant of DC. In 2014,10 sculptures were successfully installed through a pilot partnership with the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT). Funded by a recent grant from the DC Community of the Arts and Humanities, the Alphabet Animal Art Project will install 10 additional sculptures throughout the Hill to intentionally broaden the span of the Alphabet Animal “path.” 

CHAWmper, the grasshopper outside of CHAW at 7th & G Sts, SE
by artist Carolina Mayorga

As a continuation of the previous 2014 project, the Alphabet Animals will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. CHAW has engaged with a roster of nearly all the original artists. Here, artist Susan J. Champeny gives us a sneak peak on her work in progress, now all the way from the sunny state of Hawaii!

"I thought you might enjoy seeing a process shot from my studio in Hilo Hawaii. I am enlarging my original Sheet Metal Horseshoe crab to the final pole size by making a cardboard maquette at full size. The allows me to precisely adjust my angles before committing them to metal. On Hawaii Island NOTHING is ever thrown away - my current cardboard batch is a bunch of recycled flat rate USPS boxes. I think they are so very appropriate for artwork that is being created for Washington DC - I almost regret that the cardboard would not last in the outdoors - it would be cool to see."

Sue adds the following funny but important little note: "Since it is a Federal Violation to use Flat Rate boxes for non-mail purposes, be SURE to mention that they were recycled after being used in the mail stream :-)"

Look for the new sculptures coming soon to a street corner near you!