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Attention Campers!

May 21, 2012

We just want to bang on the drum all day!

It’s May and I’m counting down to my favorite time of year. In just a few weeks Summer Adventure Camp begins! Camp starts June 18, but our game faces went on way back in November as we sculpted and composed a creatively ideal summer.

We will uncover the distinctive cultural arts of Japan, Alaska, Ethiopia and Brazil. Masks, drums, drama; get ready for the thrilling arts of Kabuki  theater! Feathers, beads, capoeira; the charged festivities of Carnaval are ours to enjoy! Want to build a guitar out of a cigar box, or write, direct, and star in your own Sci-Fi movie!? It’s all happening this summer here at CHAW! Can’t make it during those weeks? Other adventures await us and are designed to keep our students moving, exploring, creating and celebrating the diversity of community arts, local and international!

I’m just saying….This is a summer at CHAW not to be missed. I’ll be waiting for you!

Ms. Leslie