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Air Conditioning by Amy Moore

July 25, 2019

“It’s got air conditioning!”   
Astute CHAW Camper on the ambient temperature of the CHAW van during last week’s heat wave

There is nothing like a string of 100 degree days to engender a little appreciation for creature comforts like a vehicle that isn’t sweltering.  It harkens back to the days of scorching the back of your thighs on the vinyl seats of your parent’s station wagon (the one with the crank windows) when you were a kid, and claiming  “property check” when your sister crossed the imaginary line into your personal space causing your hot, sticky bodies to touch.   

It’s a sentiment shared by campers and camp staff alike -- extreme gratitude for the two new CHAW vans purchased in May. Because for many years there was no air conditioning in the vans we use daily to transport kids to CHAW from shelters and schools, and take them on camp field trips to the park, the swimming pool and museums.  Simple enough but it makes all the difference in the world. In scarcity, we can find abundance.

We are closing in on the final week of our fundraising campaign for tuition assistance.  Our mantra throughout this campaign has been that every kid deserves art (because they just do).  Studies show that the kids least likely to receive art (by no fault of their own) are the ones who benefit most from having it: academically, socially, emotionally.  CHAW never turns a person away for inability to pay and we are able to do that because of this annual campaign. It really boils down to right sharing of resources. Some people have them and some people don’t and the only way parity is achieved is if those with more resources share them freely with those who have fewer.  Again, simple enough but it makes all the difference in the world. 

Arts education is never a zero sum game.  There are plenty of resources to go around (a priest I used to work for would follow that statement up with “it’s right there in your wallet” but I won’t) and everyone wins when all kids are the beneficiaries of all the wonderful things the arts have to offer.  If you haven’t already done so this year -- or even if you have --please make a donation to CHAW’s paint bucket campaign today.  

With gratitude,

Amy Moore, CHAW Executive Director