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Arts Partnerships

Great arts partnerships are reciprocal relationships that are sustainable over time.   They start with a common vision of how artful thinking and meaningful engagement with art and artists builds confidence, creativity and community.    

Great arts partnerships take planning and commitment in order to make them efficient, effective and satisfying for everyone involved.   We ask partner organizations to consider how the arts are a strategic part of their programming. 

Great arts partnerships engender great art making because they bring together a broad range of people with a common focus, open minds, and innovative spirits. They bring out the best in professional and student artists.

CHAW offers classes, workshops and trainings in the arts tailored to your specific organizational needs.

School Programs

The Three R’s can only take a student so far.   CHAW’s Three C’s – Confidence, Creativity, Community – are what make an education complete.   Artful thinking is the cornerstone to all great problem solving.   It teaches process, compels students to take calculated risks, it suggests connections that make their world more meaningful, and encourages them to seek and understand perspectives outside of their own experiences. CHAW offers four main types of programming for schools.

    • Project - Based Residencies 
    • Embedded Programs
    • Field Trips
    • In-Service Training for Teachers

Click here to get started.

Cultural institutions

A rising tide lifts all boats.    Non-profit organizations are stronger when they support each other’s work, share best practices, connect each other to resources, offer a unified voice for social change, and navigate bureaucratic roadblocks when it makes sense to join forces. From space use to strategic planning, CHAW welcomes creative partnerships that leverage the best strengths of our community and uplift the arts.   Contact CHAW’s Director of Education and Programs to brainstorm ideas.




We have been gratefully working with the Brau team, providing art and beer to the DC community for a couple years now. And together, with DC Brau's mission to cultivate "hyper local" organizations and CHAW's charge for community relationships, we believe this is the beginning of a CHAWsome Community Partnership! 

We are so lucky to call ourselves a partner of DC Brau and to, in return, promote DC Brau as one of our CHAWsome Community Partners, too!

Investing in the arts is good for business. Click here for statistics on the creative economy. Strong arts programs make for strong communities that in turn, invest in the businesses supporting them. Employees take pride in knowing that their efforts extend beyond the workplace and into the communities in which they live. Investment is a two way street and takes many forms: donations, sponsorships, volunteer work days, residency partnerships, employee training and appreciation, gallery space and commissions, neighborhood beautification – arts and business together simply put, make each other stronger.   We all share in a responsibility for making our communities great. Contact CHAW’s Director of Advancement to find out more.